Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Power of Women

Do you appreciate the powerful force that women have in society?

When was the last time you thought about the impact women have on us in general and how we would be without their influence?

At her best, a woman is an angel and an inspiration - exemplifying to most us what womanhood means.

At her worst, however, a woman is the picture of evil - partially responsible for the breakdown of the family unit and the downfall of society.

Women are lovely, soft, gentle, kind, persuasive, and a blessing to society. Also, they represent sensuality, lust, and sometimes naughtiness.

A women can do just about anything she wants today - perhaps even become President of the United States or a ruler of whatever country in which she lives.

The characteristics I just described clearly represent women of today; they are an awesome creation.

Some women are meek and dependent on men, other women are physically and emotionally strong and very independent - rarely needing the assistance of a man.

A woman can be a blessing or a thorn in man's side. This would depend on whether she is selfish and self-serving or not and if her agenda is in agreement with his.

Alas, womanhood also represents the warm and gentle arms every man and child looks for when they are hurt or need love. She gives him a warm place to fall or is his soft pillow when he has had a bad day.

Women create a lovely home environment and makes life bearable in a dreary world.

  • She has the ability to make the world go away and become a heaven on earth instead.

  • She is the ray of sunshine in the center of a hurricane.

  • She is the lovely smell of flowers in the midst of a garbage pit.

  • She is everything good and bad all wrapped up into one neat package.

  • She encompasses what most men would die for, and still she has energy left to raise a family.

  • She is a multi-task expert as a house-keeper, bookkeeper, executive secretary, cook, teacher, childcare specialist, counselor, errand girl, professional buyer, party planner, hostess, sex partner, and confidant.

Sometimes a woman is misunderstood and under-appreciated: she's seen as just "plain Jane" and nothing very special or interesting. This is a sad situation, not only for the woman but for the man as well because he is missing out by not enjoying her beautiful qualities.

"Make an ugly woman your wife and you will be happy for the rest of your life" are words taken from a song that I enjoyed in the 1960s. There is wisdom in those words. What one man sees as ugly could be beautiful to another, especially when she is allowed to bloom and be herself.

A women needs to be cherished for her divine nature and loved for her loving heart. She needs to be appreciated for her kindness and compassion, for her ability to soothe an aching spirit and soul, and for her ability to nurse our physical wounds and sufferings.

A woman is a creature that not only encompasses everything good, she is sexual enough to satisfy the wild beast in man - without question, she is a marvelous and extraordinary creation!

Take the time to contemplate on the blessing she is to you. If she is not a blessing, then please take her aside and tell her how you feel. Ask her how you can help her become more of who she wants to be. Give her the support she needs to be that person and to be more of what you want her to be as well.

Take the time to remember the women you fell in love with, even if it has been over 50 years of marriage. Tell her often that she is important to you and that you care about her happiness.

Teach your children to appreciate women and to honor and respect them. Teach them to treat women properly and to love them with care and attention. Just as you take care of a beautiful flower to keep it blooming, be sure to take care of your beautiful woman so she can keep blooming.

Men will feel more like men when they treat women with respect and kindness, and women will reward them with the things they want when they do.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Win Friends And Influence People

 I often refer to Dale Carnegie's book "How To Wind Friends And Influence People" in my writing and blogs. One day I was looking up a link for people to go so they could buy the book when I came across Dale Carnegie's Golden Book Secret To Success. I was impressed enough with the contact page that I filled out the form to download the Golden Book. I knew that,if I gave my personal information, I would receive a phone call from someone. As expected, I received a call within an hour of filling out the form. It was from Harvey, who is with the Dallas/FortWorth Dale Carnegie Training Office. Harvey's goal to sign me up for their training program was successfully achieved.

I told Harvey that the principles talked about in the book, "How To Wind Friends And Influence People", specifically the principle that I give you what you want and then I will get what I want from you, has changed the way I think and how I do business. Harvey said I am probably more qualified to talk to people about the program than he is because of my enthusiasm for the program.

I did take the three month training course with Dale Carnegie, and gained better skills from it. Yes, the course is expensive but it is well worth the experience. My life changed drastically as I adopted the principles taught in the book, "How To Wind Friends And Influence People", as well as the newly develped skills I obtained by completing the Dale Carnegie Training. If you haven't read the book yet, let me advise you to do so. Use this link to amazon.com for other books from Dale Carnegie.

 I mention this tidbit of information now about Dale Canegie Training because the book I had read long ago "How To Wind Friends And Influence People" still conjurs up joy and enthusiasm when someone mentions reading it. Well Paul Murphy mentioned this book in a recent posting and inspired me write about what I've learned from Dale Carnegie's book.

I am posting a video on an experience I had from the training and the golden rule in the book. As I point out in this article, the Golden Rule Book is taken from the book "How To Wind Friends And Influence People". 


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Saturday, September 12, 2009



monkey_shaking_head Sorry if this picture does not load up correctly. The picture is supposed to be a monkey shaking his head "NO". I thought this picture is very fitting for the message I present to you today. The message is this:


I’ve discovered that one of the greatest enemies to success is the lack of planning for success! Another is reaching a certain level of success and then parking on our laurels. Success becomes stagnated when people park themselves and insist on staying where they are instead of setting new goals and continuing to grow.

People park when they sit back and rest on past laurels (see Dr Robin Rushlo report on Parking at http://www.betternetworker.com/articles/view/marketing/article-marketing/sitting-on-your-laurels).

The mistake in parking is that over-confidence and past successes interfere with future rewards. If the goal is to reach a finacial level or the prestige that comes with it, then we miss the reason for growth by moving on. This situation frequently causes people to become lazy and over-confident in their business dealings. They may also become board with their lives and fall victim to complacency.

Another problem with parking is that it can set up people for a nose-dive if the tide changes, as it often does. As such, it behooves a successfull person to continue setting goals to keep them feeling alive and active. Staying active doesn’t have to mean making more money or reaching a higher level of competiveness, it means setting goals that make life mean something more than just working for money.

A stagnanted situation happens when people stop dreaming, stop reaching for goals, and stop growing in their businesses! This is NOT a good position for them to be in because it affects their downline as well! Unfortunately, I’ve been around a number of success- oriented people over the past thirty years, and I’ve seen this situation happen all too frequently.

It took me a long time to figure out why people die in their businesses, why they quit when they seem to be doing well, or why they fail in life when they seemed to be at the pinnacle of success. In almost every instance, parking was the reason; they did not plan for what to do next once success was attained.

Unfortunately, often people spend too much time and energy on building for their future but they forget how to build a good life in their present. And even worse, they overlook their own need to maintain healthy relationships with people that are envolved in their lives. In so doing, they take people for granted and no longer appreciate their blessings.

How does this happen? How can we forget "Why" and "For Who" we started building the business in the first place? There is only one way that this can happen; it's when people see success as a destination instead of a wonderful journey. Our journey is to enjoy the life we were given at creation. Our destination is really the life we want to have on the other side of the veil when we depart this world; leaving this life with a "Treasure Box" full of memories; a treasure box filled with the beautiful gems we've collected from our relationships and associations; a treasure box filled with different colors of pearls that come from trusting people, from developing healthy friendships, and from feeling blessed by the associatons we've had.

The problem with people treating success as their destination is that, once they’ve arrived, they have no idea about what comes next. In other words, they forget to set additional goals for what comes next after reaching their specified goal. A life without goals and dreams has a tendency to become routine, mundane, dull, and no longer exciting. Existence from that point forward seems meaningless when people have not planned for “What comes next.”

A woman I once knew named Mary Lou found herself in this situation. She described herself as feeling depressed. Mary Lou said she asked herself, “Why do I feel this way? All I want to do is cry. I should be happy. I have everything that I could ever want and life is so good to me.”

Mary Lou’s best friend suggested that perhaps what she was experiencing was just a let-down after coming off the high she had been on during that period of time. She had become successful in her business; also, she had just married a wonderful man. It was a whirlwind leading up to the wedding so that, when it was all over, a big void was left because she did not know what to do next. In other words, because she had been busily working hard in her business and for the event of a lifetime (which she had prayed for a long time), a big hole was left inside her when it all calmed down. The problem was she had nothing in place to substitute the energy high she had been on for the past months.

My point is you should not only plan to succeed, but you should also plan for what happens after you reach the level of success for which you had planned; this should include "What Comes Next" by setting new goals. Perhaps the following questions will help you plan better for the next step:

  • What motivates you to move ahead in life and to reach another goal?

  • What worthy project would you like to be involved with next?

  • What will you do with your time, energy, and money once you have reached the top of where you want to be?

  • How do you see yourself in the future? Decide what you want to see when you get there?

  • Who will be there with you, who will not be there, and what will you be doing or not doing?

  • What kind of person will you be? Will you be spoiled to the point that you lavish yourself with what money can buy, and then sit there and watch others struggle for just a piece of bread? Will you be humbled and spend time and money helping people who are not as blessed as you?

  • How will you spend your time, energy, and money when you've reached a level of freedom from the toils of our times?

  • Will you be wasteful with these assets or use them wisely and charitably?

  • How much time or money will you be giving to charity, and to what organizations?

These are questions you need to answer for yourselves. By doing so, you will have a realistic plan in place that keeps you motivated and growing when each new goal is attained. Also, you need to have a contstant flow of new lifeblood coming into your business and into everything you do. Old blood becomes sluggish and thick when there’s nothing to give it a boost every once in a while. This means you need to proactively bring in new people to your circle in order to keep new ideas flowing and the enthusiasm high enough to nourish the spirit of your organization.

Do you believe that planning for "What’s Next" is important? Also, do you believe that following through with your plans is important? I welcome any comments you feel inclined to share with us.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Response to Mike Dillard - "Which Company Is Better"

Re: A Response to Mike Dillard - "Which Company Is Better"
by Judith Sherman on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:14 am

I understand Mike Dillard's point that having less products to choose from makes it easier to make a sale. I agree, but I also disagree and here's why.

I will use my experience in Marketing Amway Products many years ago, to show how I sold a variety of products that people wanted by asking them to replace what they were already using with our products.

I left a sample kit with the customer to try and then went back later to pick it up. By doing it this way, I took the pressure off from selling them on a product they didn't know or trust and allowed them to see the concentration power and quality of the product.

My point is that, although Amway has a huge product line, I presented the customer with limited products to choose from. Plus, the customer didn't feel pressured to buy and I didn't feel pressured to make a sale because the product sold itself.

Two or three days later (no more than that), when I picked up the kit, we discussed the customer's experience. If they were positive, I asked when they would be running out of their product and then asked for the sale; which I almost always got. I did very well using this method of service. So yes, I do agree with David in this situation.

Now why do I agree with Mike Dillard? I learned that, if people have too many choices and can't make a decision, they will shut down and not make any purchase. Therefore, the more products you have the more likely it is that people will become confused like Mike Dillard said.

A way around the scenario that Mike Dillard talks about is to not bombard people with a lot of products at once; this includes leaving a product catalog with them on the first visit. For example, going back to my Amway days, leaving a kit with just a few samples in it allows people to try only a few products at a time. If they liked the products, then I usually got an order. If they didn't, which sometimes happened, then I would leave a different kit with them to try. I had six kits: one was laundry products, one was cleaning products, one was car care products, one was personal care products with shampoo and such, and one was skin care products.

My experience shows that breaking down a customer's exposure to a limited amount of products at a time makes it easier for them to purchase something from us. This practice worked very well for me and my downline and helped us have a booming business.

However, I did make a huge mistake; making Mike Dillard's point even more valid. I started selling Avon products after I became less active with Amway and had moved to another state. When I tried to integrate some targeted Amway products with Avon products, I lost customers.

So why did I lose customers? Isn't it better to offer my Avon customers a wider range of products by introducing products they need that Avon did not provide them? I think part of the answer is what Mike Dillard is pointing to, that people get confused and don't understand why we throw so many products in front of them. They don't understand the differences from one product to another and so they shut down.

One more point that I want to address now is what Dave Green said; that of risking your one or two product line business, which Mike Dillard suggested you have, of being shut down for something adverse going on in the market or with government regulations. This is a valid concern, obviously, and should be included in your plans for doing business.

I have personal knowledge that Tom and Don Ashlock had an energy business turn bad when government changed some of the regulations for energy. After they recovered from that situation and refocused, they had a hostile take over (at gun-point) of their company by share holders. That is why they joined a Network Marketing Business. Tom Ashlock went from having a very successful $7 million dollar business to washing windows when they lost their energy business.

I hope I've given you plenty to think about, so you understand the reasoning behind both Mike Dillard and Dave Green's perspective. I would love to hear from you on this subject.

Judith Sherman

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being Who You Want To Be

This article explains my experience with escaping the box my family and friends put me in when I wanted to write books. After considering what they said, I came to the conclusion that I will not be denied doing what I knew in my soul that I had to do.

You need to be the person you want to be and not try to live up to others expectations of you.

Sometimes people try to put us in a box, to be who they want us to be, and they won't let us do what we feel we are destined to do. We have been created for a purpose and we all have a mission here, to fulfill the measure of our creation.

Once you understand who you are and what you should do with your life to bless others, when you know what your creator expects from you, you have to do it. When you are an adult, you are expected to lead your own life and to be responsible human beings and accountable for your actions.
You will never feel happy or satisfied with your life and be the person you want to be, if you are not allowed to live life the way you see fit. People only try to control you when they believe you can't control yourself. When you are not proactive in living your life, others will try to take over. It is only human nature to step in and help people who are unable to care for themselves. People who step in are not evil, they do it because they care about you and don't think you can do it yourself. Remember that when you feel their control.
If it is your own life, and you feel strongly about living it the way you want, then you MUST take control of yourself and your accountability. Only then will others allow you to take back your power.
See I Will Not Be Denied by clicking on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPD3lyZrwC8,
The videos above show you how people do not want to let you out of the box they have created for you. In my case, I was MOM and I was not allowed to be anything else.