Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Win Friends And Influence People

 I often refer to Dale Carnegie's book "How To Wind Friends And Influence People" in my writing and blogs. One day I was looking up a link for people to go so they could buy the book when I came across Dale Carnegie's Golden Book Secret To Success. I was impressed enough with the contact page that I filled out the form to download the Golden Book. I knew that,if I gave my personal information, I would receive a phone call from someone. As expected, I received a call within an hour of filling out the form. It was from Harvey, who is with the Dallas/FortWorth Dale Carnegie Training Office. Harvey's goal to sign me up for their training program was successfully achieved.

I told Harvey that the principles talked about in the book, "How To Wind Friends And Influence People", specifically the principle that I give you what you want and then I will get what I want from you, has changed the way I think and how I do business. Harvey said I am probably more qualified to talk to people about the program than he is because of my enthusiasm for the program.

I did take the three month training course with Dale Carnegie, and gained better skills from it. Yes, the course is expensive but it is well worth the experience. My life changed drastically as I adopted the principles taught in the book, "How To Wind Friends And Influence People", as well as the newly develped skills I obtained by completing the Dale Carnegie Training. If you haven't read the book yet, let me advise you to do so. Use this link to for other books from Dale Carnegie.

 I mention this tidbit of information now about Dale Canegie Training because the book I had read long ago "How To Wind Friends And Influence People" still conjurs up joy and enthusiasm when someone mentions reading it. Well Paul Murphy mentioned this book in a recent posting and inspired me write about what I've learned from Dale Carnegie's book.

I am posting a video on an experience I had from the training and the golden rule in the book. As I point out in this article, the Golden Rule Book is taken from the book "How To Wind Friends And Influence People". 


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Andy said...

That's a really great post. Just with what now I have problems and what I am lookig for...

Change My Life said...

Thanks for a wonderful checklist on how to be Friends and how to have more friends.